About Us

Femme boutique is inspired by a boho-chic concept, the garments are perfect for the sunny Miami climate, they are versatile and with an air of glamor, the brand was born with my passion for fashion and it is my expression of creativity. The magic about Femme is that our collections can be used in different settings, so that you always reflect the best you have inside with your way of dressing.

Fearless Than Ever
Confident Than Ever
Stronger Than Ever
Who do you want to be today?

Visit us in store:
Inside of Mag Fashion Lounge 8888 SW 136th St Store 317, Miami, FL 33176
Inside of Tea & Poets 5701 Sunset Dr Unit 126, South Miami, FL 33143
Store Hours:
Monday to Saturday 10:30-9pm
Sunday 10:30am - 7pm